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Our Story

Although in operation since 1906, Meezan was registered as a trading company in 1943 dealing in spices for which Ceylon as Sri Lanka was known before was famous for. In 1953 the company got an opportunity to venture in to exports in the form of Cocoa Beans. The maiden shipment was sent out to Amsterdam. The Cocoa Bean exports were followed by Coffee and spices such as Cloves, Nutmeg, Mace, Pepper, Cardamoms and Cinnamon. In 1955 our first consignment of Teas were shipped out of the country. Today, our passion for Tea has made it our core export product.

Mission Statement
To provide our customers with goods of quality and value, exceed expectations of our customers, shareholders and employees. To nurture, uphold and protect our founders’ fair business practices, ethics and integrity and remain as a profitable and responsible organization.

Our Certifications

We at MEEZAN have achieved the highest industry and international standards in food safety management.
  • GMP - Good Manufacturing Practice
  • HACCP - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
  • ISO 22000 - The highest international certification that can be achieved for food safety

Our Affiliations

We are affiliated to the oldest and most active institutions in the trade.
  • The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
  • The National Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka
  • Exporters’ Association of Sri Lanka
  • The Colombo Tea Traders’ Association
  • Spices and Allied Products Producers’ and Traders’ Association
  • The Spice Council
  • Tea Exporters Association

"Whether it was trading, day to day decision making or matters of the family, my father always taught me to make responsible decisions ~ the cornerstone I built this company on from the time my father handed it over to me"
- M. Irshad (Chairman/MD)


We are excited to talk to you about our own brand of teas that range from orthodox teas, tea bags, green teas and herbal teas. We can also undertake your Private Label orders.

Sun grown
Hand plucked
Hygenically packed
Fully equipped tea laboratory
Fully automated tea bagging unit
Meezan Tea

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